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All advice professionals strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients, but as we know the financial advice/planning landscape is changing at a dramatic pace; retirement planning is now as much about post-retirement as it is pre-retirement. Demographic change is forcing a greater focus on advice for later life and the Millennials are demanding greater digital interaction as their financial needs become more sophisticated.


The purpose of our Financial Planning Practitioner Panel and related content is not to say that any one method or approach is right or wrong. Nor is it to dictate a particular process. Our objective is simply to widen awareness of a range of potentially useful techniques and tools that might help you and your clients achieve your ultimate goals.


We are grateful to our panellists who have a wealth of practical experience that they are happy to share with the wider community.

Keith Richards, Chief Executive of the Personal Finance Society


In 2017 the Personal Finance Society set about creating a Financial Planning Practitioner Panel to help raise awareness of financial planning skills and techniques and share good practice amongst the broader advice community.


We were fortunate to have the passionate support of leading and respected practitioners, keen to help share practical experiences of applying the techniques, skills and processes that have brought Financial Planning to life for their clients and demonstrated the power financial planning has to change clients’ lives for the better.


If you are keen to evolve your advice proposition then this website is a good place to start; the panel is continually helping to shape guides, events and video content to help aspiring financial planners.

Sharon Sutton
Managing Director of Thornton Chartered Financial Planners and
Immediate Past President of the Personal Finance Society