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Brett Davidson

The most controversial issue in Financial Planning right now is Pricing. In these five videos (which need to be watched in order), Brett Davidson shows you ‘How To Price Your Service Perfectly’. Be warned; it’s open-minded, inclusive and non-prescriptive. You’ll get to make up your own mind on the best way to charge for you and your business. No lecturing.

Pricing your Service Perfectly
Pricing in Context
More Context for Your Pricing Decisions
Matching Price to Value
Creating Your Own Pricing Approach

Brett Davidson is the Founder of FP Advance and Uncover Your Business Potential Online; the A-Z of how to build a world-class Financial Planning business. He’s worked closely with hundreds of advisers in the UK and around the world to make their businesses more fun, client-focused and profitable. Before coming to the UK he was a partner in a leading Sydney-based financial planning firm and helped change it from a stodgy commission-based insurance business into a breakthrough, ‘win-win’-style financial planning firm before his exit at the end of 2003. He helps business owners advise better, live better.